Getting Back to Normal

Life has been a little different over the last few months. My house cleaning schedule has been completely off and I have had no clear routine. I have been feeling very unmotivated and feeling like a bad housewife! 

I have been struggling with exhaustion and sickness but that has eased off a lot now and I am hoping that my energy levels continue to rise. I hope that the next 26 weeks will be more enjoyable!

This week has probably been more on track than it has been for a while. I have felt more fulfilled this week and happy that I have been able to get jobs done.

We have finally moved into our new bedroom and I make sure I spend time each day dressing the bed and making sure the room is left tidy. It is important to sleep in a room that is free from clutter. We do still need a wardrobe in there so our clothes are split between two rooms!

I have done some decluttering of what is now the spare bedroom and the surfaces are now cleared ready for whenever we have guests stay over.

On Monday I spent half an hour cleaning the hoover! I made sure that I washed out the filtet and had to wait several days for it to dry! But it was definitely a job that needed doing. 

I have been able to take Maple out twice a day again which is much better for us both, I felt bad that I hadn’t been feeling well enough to get out. 

The last couple of weeks I have got back into baking again and have made fruity flapjack and a chocolate cake. 

My sewing project has been going very slow as well. I didn’t realise how long it would take to hand sew all those tiny stitches. In one hour of sewing this is all that I achieved! 

I definitely need to write a new schedule to get myself back on track. Some days I just feel unmotivated and my brain just doesn’t function too well!! I never let the house look untidy and make sure it is maintained but sometimes I am only putting in the bare minimum.  I don’t think this cold spell of weather helps either!  


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