Getting Organised, Writing Lists and Planning a New Schedule

Perhaps my nesting instincts are beginning to kick in. I have an overwhelming desire to get organised and back on track. With so many things that need doing, I decided it was best to start writing lists and hopefully begin to tick things off of them.

I think that I have let myself get a little lazy over the past 6 months and with 11 weeks until our baby is estimated to arrive I need to get things sorted.

Last week I finished decorating the nursery. We just need to get a carpet and furnishings and get the radiator back on and painted. The room is a huge improvement from what it used to look like. We have chosen a yellow and grey colour scheme, keeping it neutral.

Here are the before and after pictures. (The ceiling was originally painted blue)!

I think having things written down helps me as I know exactly what needs doing and will hopefully give me motivation to get it done!

This morning I have reorganised my shelves in the living room and added more books and DVD’s to make it like a library section.

This has cleared space elsewhere so I am hoping to be able to move things around and find a place for everything!

I have started to re-write a new schedule to keep me on track. I know this will change when the baby arrives but hopefully it will get me used to being organised and prepared! I am hoping to use reusable cloth nappies on the baby, so keeping on track with washing is very important!

The Garden

The garden is starting to look much more colourful and the fruits and vegetables are growing well. 

A few months ago we put up a polytunnel which is very handy for starting seeds and seedling growth and perfect for growing tomatoes, chillies and peppers. The polytunnel was a surprise gift from my husband – such a lovely present! This year I haven’t sown any tomatoes or peppers but next year I definitely will be as I know they will grow very well.

In the polytunnel at the moment I have a couple of tomato plants from my Grandad and a chilli plant that my parents bought. I also have some cucumbers that I have sown from seed. I sowed some sunflowers seeds in there too to get the seedlings started off before transplanting into areas in the garden.

I am also using the polytunnel to dry some herbs from the garden.

In front of the polytunnel there is a little strip of soil – perfect for a few sunflowers to grow. There is a path in front of this and then a large patch of soil which we decided to grow some wild flowers in. Over the last two weeks the flowers have started to appear and have filled the area with colour. They are also attracting lots of bees.

I haven’t got large amount of vegetables, just a few of several different types. Unfortunately some of my seedlings died after transplanting and lots of seeds that I sowed direct didn’t germinate however I am happy with what I have got in my beds.

In this bed I have sweetcorn, beetroot and carrots. I was hoping to have lettuce but the seeds just didn’t germinate.

In this bed I have cauliflowers, purple sprouting broccoli and calabrese. I also have some onions and green beans which aren’t on the photo.

This bed has leeks, dwarf kale, cabbage, red Brussels sprouts and parsnips.

I still have plenty of fruit to be harvesting including more Morello cherries! The boysenberries are starting to ripen and I have already picked several raspberries. There are still more strawberries to pick! I am starting to fill my freezer and also come up with recipes for all my fruits. My sweet cherries have been picked this week also!

Enjoying the Fruit Harvest

In the last few days I have picked so many strawberries and cherries! I have an abundance that I need to work out what to do with so they don’t go to waste. 
On Monday I used several of the strawberries to make refreshing smoothies. I will freeze some strawberries so that they can be put straight into a smoothie mixer for a lovely chilled drink.

Yesterday I made a cherry pie which used 900g of cherries! I can’t believe that I had this many cherries and still have a bowl full to use!

I am hoping to chop up most of the strawberries and freeze them so that they are preserved and can be used whenever we want. I will also pit the cherries and freeze them. I have a couple of small tubs of blackcurrants in the freezer that are ready and waiting for a yummy recipe!

I am very pleased with this year’s harvest and I am hoping to find lots of recipes to use up my home grown fruits.

How is the Fruit Garden Growing?

I have now started to harvest fruit from my garden. So far I have been able to pick strawberries, blackcurrants and white currants. It won’t be long before the morello cherries are ripe and there is an abundance of those this year! I am looking forward to making cherry pies.

The grape vine has grown a lot in the last 2 months and there are now tiny buds which will grow into grapes which will be ready for harvesting in the Autumn.

The boysenberry and raspberry are growing well and there are fruits on both plants which should start to ripen in the next month or so. The redcurrants aren’t far off of ripening either .

I also have several blueberries growing nicely which should be ready next month.

I am enjoying picking fruit from my garden and I am pleased with what I have managed to grow. 

Getting Back to Blog Writing

It has been a few months since I last wrote a blog post. A lot has been going on in the house and the garden and I look forward to sharing it with you.

In my next few blog posts I shall focus on different areas – Our nursery decorating project, our dining room project, the garden – fruits, vegetables and the polytunnel. I also hope to still write posts about baking and cooking as well as future/ongoing projects with the house and garden. And also there maybe some sewing/craft posts.

For now I shall leave you with a few pictures to some up the last few months.

My first strawberry of the season picked today.

New sofas in the living room – just looking to buy some throws and cushions to add colour.

A more functional dining room! Obviously there still needs to be flooring and soft furnishings.

Homegrown radishes.

Getting Back to Normal

Life has been a little different over the last few months. My house cleaning schedule has been completely off and I have had no clear routine. I have been feeling very unmotivated and feeling like a bad housewife! 

I have been struggling with exhaustion and sickness but that has eased off a lot now and I am hoping that my energy levels continue to rise. I hope that the next 26 weeks will be more enjoyable!

This week has probably been more on track than it has been for a while. I have felt more fulfilled this week and happy that I have been able to get jobs done.

We have finally moved into our new bedroom and I make sure I spend time each day dressing the bed and making sure the room is left tidy. It is important to sleep in a room that is free from clutter. We do still need a wardrobe in there so our clothes are split between two rooms!

I have done some decluttering of what is now the spare bedroom and the surfaces are now cleared ready for whenever we have guests stay over.

On Monday I spent half an hour cleaning the hoover! I made sure that I washed out the filtet and had to wait several days for it to dry! But it was definitely a job that needed doing. 

I have been able to take Maple out twice a day again which is much better for us both, I felt bad that I hadn’t been feeling well enough to get out. 

The last couple of weeks I have got back into baking again and have made fruity flapjack and a chocolate cake. 

My sewing project has been going very slow as well. I didn’t realise how long it would take to hand sew all those tiny stitches. In one hour of sewing this is all that I achieved! 

I definitely need to write a new schedule to get myself back on track. Some days I just feel unmotivated and my brain just doesn’t function too well!! I never let the house look untidy and make sure it is maintained but sometimes I am only putting in the bare minimum.  I don’t think this cold spell of weather helps either!  

My Spring Garden

I haven’t really had many interesting things to blog about for a while! I didn’t want to bore you all with my day to day life pottering about the house! 

I really need to rewrite my schedule that would perhaps give me more order and structure and a better blog post!

Meanwhile, in the garden Spring is here in full form. I am very excited about this year’s fruit yield and hope to get lots!

In blossom now is my Mirabelle plum tree, it did well last year so this year I hope for the same or better. 

The blueberry also has little flowers on it, I recently potted it into some ericaceous compost, so hopefully it should thrive in there.

The red gooseberry plant I bought last year did not fruit at all but I have noticed several flowers on the plant so hopefully I will get a few fruits.

I also bought a blackcurrant last year that didn’t fruit as expected. It has grown so much since last year and there are also flowers appearing.

I purchased 3 fruit trees also last year – 2 Stella cherry trees and 1 Braeburn apple tree. The leaves have started to come out and I shall keep my fingers crossed for some blossom!

There were three fruit trees that were already here when we bought the house – a Morello cherry tree, a Victoria plum tree and an apple tree (can’t remember what type)! The apple tree did not even blossom last year and was attacked by some sort of insects! The plum tree had 2 blossoms last year but no fruit – this year it has 5 blossoms, an improvement!

However the cherry tree produced a large amount of cherries and this year it looks like it is going to produce a good yield again.

The strawberries have spread but are yet to flower, the rhubarb is growing well, the red and white currant bushes have produced leaves but not yet flowers. The raspberry and boysenberry are growing well and the grape vine is just starting to bud.

I am a little worried about my vegetables, the seeds that I sowed indoors in February have been transplanted into larger pots but they all look very sickly so I am not sure whether to try sowing some more or just try them straight outside. I have some more seeds starting off indoors (different veg) so hope they will be more sucessful! I have down directly into the soil some parsnip and radish seeds. I think I will be able to sow my carrots outside now and maybe some of my other vegetable seeds.

Recent Projects and Activities

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a blog post! 

What’s been happening,,….

DIY Projects;

The cupboard doors have been made for the built in units in our living room. I have cut and fixed some decorative paneling to them and have primed them ready to be glossed. We have some lovely door handles with a bird design on.

We have bought the paint to decorate our dining room so that it can finally be a functional space. We have chosen red and cream colours to make it a warm space. We have painted one coat of red so far but it definitely needs another coat for it to look neat!


My sewing project hasn’t been progressing very well! I am onto the third feather now, I didn’t realise how long it would take! I really need to spend time on it every day.

Baking and Cooking;

I haven’t done too much baking recently, I have lost inspiration at the moment! I am not too fussed about eating cake so it doesn’t get eaten up and I hate wasting food! I am planning on making a Victoria sponge cake this week or maybe something orange flavoured.

I have been enjoying eating hot lunches over the last few weeks, I find them more filling, tasty and a great way to eat more vegetables. Here are some of my creations;

In the Garden;

My first sown seedlings are growing well and I am hoping to start hardening them off outside soon. I have some seeds that can be down direct outside so I plan to do that this week. 

My husband bought me a polytunnel a few weeks ago and we are hoping to get it put up soon so that I can start using that for growing tomatoes and peppers. 

I am so happy that spring is here, my fruit trees and bushes have lots of buds on them, I can’t wait to see the garden filled with blossom.

Getting Back to a Normal Monday.

Last Monday we came back from a family weekend away so I wasn’t able to have my typical baking day.

This week I am back on track, I have the bread dough already made and have made a pale ginger tray bake for the cake. 

I know the tray bake doesn’t look very exciting! My husband requested it for this week – I mainly bake for him anyway as he enjoys cake in his packed lunch. I shall slice it into squares ready for eating.

I haven’t made soup for a while and I am enjoying having healthy hot lunches at the moment so I have a pan of soup on the stove made from leftover vegetables. I like making soup especially when it is cold or the weather is bad, it is nice to have a hot bowl of homemade soup.

I am hoping to catch up on some house jobs this afternoon – unfortunately I can’t do any gardening today it is raining on and off and windy!

I have been waiting for some more embroidery thread so I can get on with my curtain project. The threads have just arrived in the post today so I am looking forward to getting on with my sewing. I think I shall take a couple of hours this afternoon to focus on my project.

This week so far…

Monday saw me baking – Two oatmeal bread loaves and a chocolate sponge cake. I then used some of my time to paint the ceiling on the landing and tidy the room that we hope will be our dining room soon! I hoovered all of upstairs and downstairs. I also managed to find time to do some more digging in the garden!

Tuesday I gave the kitchen a thorough clean, everything came off the worktops so I could clean underneath, the toaster was emptied of crumbs and cleaned and then I reorganised the worktops to make it look less cluttered. I also tidied the cupboard under the sink.

Today I have been focussing on my sewing project – it has been on the go for three weeks now and I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere!

It was two weeks ago that I sowed some vegetable seeds, the results so far are that I have 7 Brussels sprouts seedlings, 1 onion seedling and 1 cauliflower seedling, hopefully this time next week there will be more.

I have also washed and ironed both sets of bedding and made both beds and had a quick hoover round downstairs.

I am preparing for a busy day in the kitchen on Friday – we have a family weekend away so I am preparing a variety of foods to take with us. We are taking it in turns to cook the evening meal, my husband and I are cooking Friday’s dinner so we are going to be making pizza, loaded potato skins and coleslaw. I will be making these before we go so that they just need heating up to serve.(apart from the coleslaw!) I shall probably make the pizza bases and cook them ready to be topped and then wrapped in cling film for transporting and cooking later.

I am also going to make a fruit loaf for toasting, some tiffin and some vegetable pasties to have at lunch times.